10 advantages of our egg machine


"MFS" is a food concept and machine that offers the food processing industry chances for innovation. For soft and sticky products, possibility to produce in end packaging. The result? More diversification in market offer, higher added value and more profit.


"MFS" is a unique food concept and machine: it makes unthinkable combinations in food possible thanks to the application of cooking, steaming, baking and cooling in one continuous system. And this for the processing of egg, meat, fish or vegetable products. Thanks to this, food processing companies can launch new and innovative products to the market.

10 advantages of the MFS line machine

1.Multifunctional machine

2. New technology

3. Continuous system

4. Cooking, steaming, baking, cooling all on 1 line

5. Enables development of new innovative products

6. Generates products with added value

7. Flexibility to switch very fast from one product to another

8. Creates expansion in product range

9. Suitable for soft & sticking products

10. Combination between ingredients

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